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Be the change

One of my ex-clients, a lady in her 40’s, one day expressed her discontentment towards her mother-in-law (MIL). She felt that her MIL gave importance to other daughters-in-law, talked to them, called them more often, and visited them more than her. She felt her mother-in-law ignored her. I asked her what she wanted instead. Her […]

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Listening beyond words

In my limited experience of coaching families, I came across many couples, who misunderstanding each other, got into serious arguments. These arguments could have been avoided if they had taken time to understand the actual meaning behind their spouse’s words. Many people resent their partners for not seeing the situation from their point of view. […]

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Transform Negative Into Positive

In every family, society, organization or a nation, people exist who believe looking only at the darker side of the picture is their ultimate responsibility. It is not only that, making other people aware of their viewpoint is also something they consider their purpose of existence. Interestingly, most of such people are good at speaking […]

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Am I a good team member that others would love to be around?

It is true that the team’s effectiveness is largely dependent upon the person leading the team, the individual team member’s behavior is also significantly important; it cannot be ignored. As someone said TEAM = Together Everyone Achieves More, the real performance of the team shows up when each member of the team is communicating, cooperating and collaborating well with others. The following […]

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Taking Things Personally

While speaking to different people & teams in contexts of increasing communication, collaboration and team effectiveness, a couple of things have repeatedly come up. One of them is Taking Things Personally. Let us have a positive and objective look at this… Many times, when we receive a comment or an improvement suggestion from a peer, manager […]

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