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Empower Yourself to Succeed, as the name suggests, is an effective online course that empowers you to succeed in any field of life, be it personal or professional. Successful people have some winning habits that help them stay focused and on track, so that they can work hard constantly towards their goals and achieve them.

Different researches on human psychology suggest that in order to succeed in your life or in your career, you need to have certain life skills. These life skills are the powerful triggers that help you to be more productive and manage your time effectively so that you can succeed in whatever you do. 

Empower Yourself to Succeed (EYTS) is the only online course that is specially and meticulously developed by trained and experienced life coaches and trainers for those individuals who want to overcome the challenges of life in order to become successful.

The word “success” can epitomize different things to different people, and definition of success is one of such things that many people do not have a clear understanding of. This is the reason they cannot take appropriate actions.

Empower Yourself to Succeed (EYTS) enables you to identify your purposes and helps you develop vision with great clarity so that you can take actions towards your set goals.

MUMKIN – a life and business coaching company offers this program twice every year. Many individuals have already taken advantage of this great training program, and are now leading a successful and booming life. Now, it is your chance to grab this lifetime opportunity to take control of your life and be the successful person you always wanted to be!

Why It Is An Ideal Program For You?

There are plenty of self-development courses available online. So what makes this program unique and ideal for me?

This is the question many participants ask us before enrolling in this program.

The answer is simple. Because it truly empowers you to succeed! Be it the personal or social side of your life.

EYTS is a unique blend of self-development programs that focuses on two aspects:

● Self-Development
● Social Development

Self-Development module empowers you to work on your self-development and find out your strength.

Self-development section of EYTS program guides you about:

● Identifying your purpose or goals
● Developing your vision
● Effective Time management skills
● De-cluttering your thought process
● Prioritizing your tasks
● Developing structured thinking
● Learning good habits, and
● Dropping bad habits
● Managing time effectively

Social Development module empowers you with all those necessary social skills that you need to move forward in society.

Social development section of EYTS program targets:

● Effective Communication skills
● Establishing personal credibility
● Learning habits of most successful people
● Listening to understand others
● Empathetic listening
● Influencing others
● Overcoming resistance
● Using assertive language, and
● Developing trust

How to Register for Empower Yourself To Succeed?

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2. Fill the form and submit it. Further details will be sent to you through email.

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Success isn’t handed out, it is earned!

Equip yourself to succeed by joining MUMKIN for an online interactive workshop, “Empower Yourself to Succeed.”

Let MUMKIN be your partner in success!

What do you commit to when you enroll in EYTS?

You will attend a session every Saturday  @ 11 am – 1 pm (Pakistan Time)  – 9 am – 11 am (Saudi Arabian Time) for four weeks, in which you will be provided valuable life lessons, reference material and links to helpful resources. 

Duration – 04 weeks

Schedule – 2 hrs every Saturday

Venue – Online 

Key Benefits for Participants of EYTS Program

● Effective communication skills
● Better time management skills
● Development of winning habits
● Grow your business sustainably 
● Being able to influence others
● Enhanced self-motivation & commitment to your goals
● Vision development
● Double your confidence and self-esteem
● Identifying and overcoming hurdles
● Art of changing habits

● Become a more effective, organized and thoughtful person
● Improved decision making abilities
● Improved creative thinking
● Setting smart goals for yourself and for your business
● Being able to generate actionable business ideas
● Live a happy and fulfilling life
● Learn strategies and life skills that assist individuals and organizations to thrive
● Employ fundamental concepts from Positive Psychology to your personal and professional life

About the trainer

Nayyer Abdul Rab is an Executive Coach who facilitates businesses and individuals in overcoming their challenges and helps them make strides towards attaining their unique visions. All his work is based on a simple principle that an outsider’s perspective matters. Nayyer comes from an engineering background that is blended with a Master’s in Business Administration and experience in leading technical teams. All this was refined further through more than 20 years’ experience in training, mentoring and coaching. The basic fuel behind this was the passion to improve his own life as well as the lives of those around him.

Nayyer is a certified coach from Mars Venus Coaching, Erickson International Coaching and Marshal Goldsmith Coaching Schools. Currently based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Nayyer works with many businesses and individuals as a coach and writes regularly on LinkedIn.

Get Certified

MUMKIN takes great pride in empowering its clients and making change in their life. After completing 8 hours long Empower Yourself to Succeed program, you will receive a certificate of completion from MUMKIN. So what are you waiting for? Go and bolster your resume and authenticate your skillset!!

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