Leading by Coaching

MUMKIN offers an exclusively designed training course for managers called “Leading By Coaching”. This course provides useful techniques and guidelines to use coaching as a leadership skill to influence others for better performance and development.

Coaching is a process  that helps an individual or team to obtain the develop skills and improve performance to achieve specific goals. An effective coaching approach can have a profound impact on team performance as well as on the progress of the entire company. When managers lead their team by following coaching principles, they not only help their team to be more capable and better retained but they will grow as well. 

Leading by Coaching (LBC) course introduces the basic coaching principles and develop coaching skills in managers and team leaders that result in better team engagement and improved performance.

Bring Out the Best through Leading by Coaching (LBC)

As a team lead, you want your team to perform the best in achieving their targets. You have put in a lot of effort to find the best and talented people to work with. So, this makes sense that you continue investing in them to help them become better versions of themselves. Coaching is a highly effective way to up your team’s game so that you can achieve great things together.

When you lead them by coaching, you will empower them with the skills and tools needed for them to succeed. Managers with well-developed coaching skills can ask the right questions and therefore can steer their team in the right direction. Not only this will keep their team motivated but they are more likely to achieve their set goals.

Keeping staff engaged and motivated and helping them grow their skills is the key tool in any workplace. This is the reason why coaching has become one of the most powerful activities a manager or team lead can practice.

Leading By Coaching (LBC) Learning Outcomes

Leading by Coaching (LBC) course will have the following learning outcomes:

● Bridge the gap between managers and their team members resulting in higher team engagement
● Improve the performance of managers as well as their teams
● Learning coaching as a leadership behavior
● Empowering teams by providing better thinking approaches
● Inducing positivity and confidence in team members
● Listening with an open mind to encourage open communication within the team
● Creating learning opportunities for team members for better performance

Leading By Coaching (LBC) Course Outline

● What Coaching Is and What Coaching Is Not
● Basic Coaching Skills
● Powerful Coaching Questions
● Well-Known Coaching Models and Frameworks
● Quick Coaching Conversation
● 1:1 Coaching Conversation
● Coaching Communication Skills
● Action Plans & Accountability
● Development Plan Creation and Revision
● Individual v/s Group Coaching
● Feed Forward and Its Importance
● Power of Effective Feedback
● Practice Opportunity to Exercise Coaching Skills

Benefits of Leading by Coaching (LBC) Course

Leading by Coaching (LBC) brings in an innovative approach to management that remarkably improves the performance of the managers who attend the course as well as their team. 

Some of the other benefits that participants of the Leading by Coaching (LBC) course will get are listed below:

Purposeful Working Agreement – Improving the relationship between managers and team members

Trust among Team Members – Creating a supportive, blame-free and inspiring working environment

Effective Communication Skills – Enhancing active listening skills, acceptance, clarity, and collaboration

Coaching Questioning Skills – Empowering team members by asking powerful coaching questions

Smart Goal Setting – Setting goals that can energize and motivate teams

Accountability – Enhancing performance management by setting up an accountability and follow-up framework

Self-Reliance and Empowerment – Motivating team members to take actions towards achieving goals and become self-reliant

Feedback Framework – Giving constructive criticism and effective feedback to help team members to bring out the best

Sustainable Results – Creating sustainable results, thus providing better job satisfaction

Better Contribution to Achieve Goals – Contributing more effectively to the team and the organization

Effective Teamwork – Empowering team members to work more easily and productively with others

Certification – Receiving a completion certificate from MUMKIN to bolster and endorse your skillset!!!

Who this Course is for?

Leading by Coaching (LBC) course is aimed at those who want to increase their skills in helping others develop.

This course is best-suited for:

● Managers
● Team Leaders
● Leadership Teams
● Mentors
● Coaches who are starting their professional career in coaching
● Teachers or anyone in learning and development professional
● Anyone who want to influence their employees for sustainable results
● Anyone who is required to help in the professional development of others

How to Register for Leading by Coaching (LBC)?

  1. You can register by clicking on Register Now
  2. Fill the form and submit it. Further details will be sent to you through email.

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How Long This Course Is?

Leading by Coaching (LBC) is an 8 hours course. Each session is 2 hours long and will be held for 4 Saturdays from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm (Pakistani Standard Time) and 9:00 am to 11:00 am (Saudi Arabian Time).

When Will This Course Start?

Leading By Coaching (LBC) will be conducted from 4th September 2021 to 25th September 2021. Hurry up and register now to get benefited with this amazing learning experience.


This great course is offered at a very minimal charge of PKR 20,000.

Special group discount is also available for corporate.

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