Empower Yourself to Succeed

If you want to be successful in any phase of life, may it be personal or professional, Empower Yourself to Succeed, is the answer. The only online workshop you need to set you on the course of progress, self-development and achievement. Turn your life around, learn the winning habits of successful people to stay focused and on track to reach your goals. 

Leading By Coaching

This 4 week course helps managers and team leaders in the organization, to up their leadership game by leaps and bounds through the use of coaching as a leadership behavior. 

Leading by Coaching prepares your leaders and managers to adopt a coaching mindset, look for opportunities to help others learn and inspire their teams to increase their productivity to unforseen levels. 

Lead/ Engage Smart

A two-day professional online workshop is just the right fit for any organization that wants its managers to be leaders. MUMKIN business coaches will discuss tricks that can benefit your organization and take it to heights never seen before. This workshop focuses on changing a manager’s attitude to being a mentor and a coach for their team, enhancing employees’ productivity and in turn achieving personal and business goals alike.

Time Management

The world out there seems very fast paces, and everyone around us seems in a hurry to reach somewhere and achieve something. If you seem pressed for time, and feel you are not able to complete your goals in the time frame you have in mind, our time management online workshop is for you. Whether you are a student, a housewife, an employee or a business owner, this course can help you organize your time to get more done successfully and efficiently.

Stress Management

As life becomes tougher, with an unseen yet ever-present social and economic competition between the members of the society, it is no wonder that most of us are stressed. Our coaches have spent the time to learn and devise highly effective stress management techniques, which you can learn in our special stress management workshop.

Habit Formation

We perform many actions on autopilot, mostly because they have become our habits. Some of these habits are good and help us progress in our lives; others are bad habits that cause hindrance in our success. MUMKIN believes deliberate effort and practice can help anyone develop good habits and replace bad ones. Join us in this amazing workshop to learn how to develop habits, alter bad habits and be steadfast in practicing the new habits you acquire.

Career Coaching

Whether you are a fresh graduate or an experienced professional seeking a new direction, MUMKIN has career coaching programs for all ages. We believe everyone has a unique skill set or talent that can be discovered and honed through proper guidance, giving them a chance to opt for a career utilizing their special skills. Our coaches will teach you how to plan and build a successful career.

Parenting Coaching

Many parents are frustrated with how to deal with kids growing up in a high tech age. Children seem to be much sharper and intelligent than before. On the other hand, they also possess the innocence of a young age. This presents a unique challenge for parents. But don’t worry. MUMKIN has got you covered. Join us in our Parenting Coaching workshops to learn how to deal with the younger generation and build a special bond with them.


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