Why Us

At MUMKIN, our experienced life coaches provide life coaching and business coaching services to individuals and businesses in a vast variety of life and business coaching niches. MUMKIN has a team of internationally certified male and female coaches who zealously coach their clients and work with them to uncover their strengths and potentials so that they can reach their goals.

As a life and business coaching company, we empower people and businesses to unleash their hidden talent and potentials, enhance their values and show them the opportunity to rediscover their strengths in order to boost their performance in every walk of life.

What Do We Offer As A Life and Business Coach?

MUMKIN is a one-stop solution to all your coaching needs, be it related to your personal life or professional life. We provide the following range of coaching services.

● Life Coaching
● Business Coaching
● Executive Coaching
● Career Coaching
● Marriage and Relationship Coaching
● Family Coaching
● Parental Coaching
● Team Coaching
● Leadership Coaching
● Anger Management Coaching
● Time Management Coaching
● Organizational Culture Coaching
● Emotional Intelligence Coaching
● Group Coaching
● Youth Coaching
● Different Trainings and Workshops
● Specialized Coaching Programs Offer throughout the Year

What Makes Us Unique As A Coach?

● Forward Focused Plan Based Life Coaching

At MUMKIN, we believe that smart people hire life coaches who help them become better on whatever they do on a continual basis. We help our clients as follows:

● Build a progress plan
● Execute the plan
● Stay focused
● Be accountable

● Gender-Based Intelligence Coaching

At MUMKIN, we believe that men and women are two different creations and they think, act and behave differently. Accordingly, our team of coaches uses gender-based intelligence and standardized coaching practices to help their clients achieve what they want to achieve.

● Support & Assistance in All Areas of Life

Our proficient and certified life and business coaches are competent enough to assist in almost everything you need assistance in. Our life coaching and business coaching programs can let you live the life of your dreams.

Coaching practices at MUMKIN enable ordinary people to find their hidden potentials and strength and become extraordinary.

● One on One Coaching Program & In-Person Meetings

Unlike others, we not only offer online and telephonic one on one coaching sessions but also offer in-person sessions for those who want to maximize the coaching benefits by attending sessions in person. This feature gives us great flexibility to cater to those who don’t want to leave the comfort of their home as well as those professionals who want to attend meeting sessions personally.

● Global Footprint

MUMKIN is based in Islamabad, Pakistan and has a regional office in Karachi. However, since we provide our services online, it enables us to reach as many people as far away as possible. We periodically conduct different self-development workshops and training focusing on a specific area. Such trainings are ideal for anyone who wants to master new skills in a short period of time. Clients contact us not only from Pakistan but also from different gulf countries.

● Customized Life Coaching Approach

Life Coaching is an on-going process. It is a trust-based relationship between the coach and the client. We have multiple tailor-made business and life coaching programs to cater to the needs of different clients. As we follow standard coaching practices, we make sure to leave no stone unturned. The duration of our customized coaching plans starts with 4 months or 16 weeks coaching, as for the majority of people this is the much more efficient and convincing timeframe to integrate a new habit or behavior into their lifestyle.

The complete coaching plan can be divided as one of the following:

● One coaching session fortnightly
● One coaching session per week
● Two coaching sessions per week

The client has the liberty to decide the time and frequency of sessions based on his needs. The coach will be in contact with the client throughout the coaching period to provide unrestrained assistance. Each coaching session is of 60 minutes long. After the completion of the first coaching cycle (4 months), the client can opt for another 3 months of coaching either to work on new goals or to further improvise the previously set goals.

Benefits of Life Coaching

Many people ask what the benefits of life coaching programs are.

Out of the numerous benefits that you get from our life coaching sessions, some are listed below.

● Clarity about your Objectives or Goals

When you work with one of our life coaches, you gain great clarity about your life goals, about what you want in your life and how do you want to get it. Where in life you stand now and where do you want to reach.

● Find a Purpose in Life

Everyone wants to live a happy, successful and purposeful life. So what is it that holds you back? A life or business coach can help you recognize those factors that are the hurdles in your way to success. We as your Coach, enable you to find a purpose in your life and then help you in achieving that.

● Improved Confidence

Our life coaches help you know your worth as a human being. They help you unleash your potentials and hidden talent. They elevate your standards and uplift your morals to empower you so that you can work towards your greatest goals.

● Overcome Obstacles in Life

Our life and business coaches are trained in delivering solution-focused coaching so that the clients can come up with the solution for themselves. This method empowers our clients to recognize the problems and work all the way to find a solution.

The main idea behind the inception of MUMKIN platform was to provide professional coaching services that can produce long-life sustainable effects so that the clients are empowered enough to walk alone even after the coaching period is over.

● Implementation

As a coach, we bridge the gap between goal setting and action plans; and hold you accountable to help you succeed and hit whatever target you have set.

There are many other benefits of having a coach in your life, such as:

● Improved emotional well-being
● Improved team performance
● Better employee engagement
● Improved personal skills and behavior
● Better decision making
● Better career planning
● Enhanced self-awareness
● A great sense of satisfaction
● Stronger recruiting position due to a perception of valued, strong leadership
● The transformation from the point of stagnation to growth and success

Who Can Benefit from Our Life & Business Coaching Programs?

● Businessmen
● Entrepreneurs
● Executives and Managers
● Fresh Graduates who are looking for guidance on Career Development
● Working Women
● Housewives
● Students
● Teachers
● Professionals working in any field

At MUMKIN, we believe that we, the human beings only live once. We also carry the viewpoint that life is a serious business that needs to be improved on a continual basis.

So, if you are committed to increasing your level of self-worth, want to boost your self-esteem to accomplish a better sense of happiness, why not call us and set up a time to talk? We can coach you transform your life – the life that you have been looking forward to – a motivated and successful life!

If you have read up to this point, we believe you are committed enough to take charge of your life to live a better life! We encourage you to take the next step and speak to one of our coaches. It’s free. Don’t delay. Contact us now!!!

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