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One of my ex-clients, a lady in her 40’s, one day expressed her discontentment towards her mother-in-law (MIL). She felt that her MIL gave importance to other daughters-in-law, talked to them, called them more often, and visited them more than her. She felt her mother-in-law ignored her.

I asked her what she wanted instead. Her immediate reply was “I want my MIL to call me”.

Then I asked her what a small step was from her that could help her MIL to call her? She thought for a few moments and replied that if she called her MIL herself, maybe the MIL would call her too.

I asked her when she can do that? “Tomorrow!”, she replied. And our conversation came to an end.

As agreed, she made a courtesy phone call to her MIL the very next day. Two days later the MIL called back. The situation started to change.

In life, we need to take responsibility of our actions. We cannot change the behavior of other people until and unless we change ourselves. When we change our ourselves, we change our thoughts. When we change our thoughts, we change the way we look at others. This positively affects our actions toward them.

Take ownership. Act. Change the world around you.

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