Change Yourself Change Your World!

Get out of Your Comfort Zone!

We all want to succeed in life and success is unachievable without changing ourselves first. To change a given situation, you must change yourself; and in order to change yourself, you must be able to change your perceptions. Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.

We always want an easy way out. We want to change, but without any effort. We want to learn, but without leaving our comfort zone. The main reason why many people fail in their lives is that they are looking for easy fixes and not real transformation.

The transformation that begins from within, the transformation that enables an individual to take charge of one’s life, the transformation that enables an individual to take responsibility for one’s life instead of blaming circumstances or conditions.

Quick fixes never provide long-lasting results. We have to find out the root causes and work on them in order to achieve sustainable results.

Take meditation, for example. Starting meditation to beat anxiety or stress is very easy; however, confronting our beliefs without judging them, is not so easy.

Take weight loss, for example. People wish to lose weight without quitting their favorite meal and without doing any physical activity.

Some professionals want to improve their productivity without letting go of their bad habits and without investing in themselves.

Managers want their teams to perform better and take initiatives but they don’t want to let go of power.

As a human being, we all enwrap ourselves in a mental cocoon – our comfort zone. To change any situation, we have to change our thought process first. We must get out of our comfort zone in order to grow.

Beat Mental Slavery!

Emotional attachment is a form of mental slavery. To succeed in life, in any field of life, you have to start working on yourself first. Stop looking for solutions outside. Seek them in yourselves. Let go of your bad habits and adopt new habits.

Sounds easy, right? However, changing your old habits is not as easy as it sounds. More often than not, people get stuck in their old habits despite trying to adopt a new behavior. This attachment is mental slavery. Free yourself to embrace a new reality. Make room for new practices by emptying your cup first.

Let go of your internal narratives and make room for new habits or new behaviors. Embrace a learner’s mindset. Leave your comfort zone. There is a very fine line between honoring your past glories and being lost in them.

If you keep yourself captivated with your past glories and don’t make an effort to learn new things, you are not going to make success in life. Living in past glories is as detrimental for your future success as being attached to past sufferings.

Burn the Ships!

Burn all the ships behind you and start afresh. Let go of your past failure. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that you can’t.

Define your goals, get committed to them, work out on an action plan, break it down into small achievable goals and start working on them consistently.

Determination and commitment are powerful motivators.

Don’t Fall Into the Trap of Perfectionism

What is the first thing that comes to our mind when we want to start something new? Trying to be a perfectionist paralyzes us and we fail to launch. The idea of being a perfectionist is dodging. We simply keep procrastinating, thinking that we are not ready now and we are not good enough to start this new project, and ultimately don’t take the first step.

Perfectionism makes you feel inadequate. It drives disappointment. Striving to be the best of you is one thing while trying to be perfect is another. Know the difference. Don’t use expert parameters to measure your initial attempts in a new field. Learn from your mistakes.

Action Shapes Your Identity

Trying adopting new habits creates discomfort because we feel weird in the beginning as we are not used to it. A person who wants to lose weight always tends to resist eating healthy and going to the gym because it doesn’t feel part of who he is. Change is neither linear nor perfect. Stick to your new routine even if it feels strange.

Try incorporating the new habit you want to develop with an existing habit. Repetition is the key. Keep practicing your new routine.

You can take professional help if you are still struggling with developing good habits and constantly falling back into bad habits. You can take coaching sessions from a professional life coach and can learn everything that you can do now to break the bad habits and build good habits to live the life you want.

MUMKIN is a coaching and consulting company that provides professional business and life coaching services. We have helped hundreds of people in developing winning habits and achieving their targets.

You can contact us to know more about how you can work on a customized action plan that is specially tailored to meet your requirements.

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