Relationship – The Most Common Problems and Their Solutions

Today, we are discussing the 5 most common problems people have in their relationships and how to solve them. We all know that we face many issues in our relationships at one point or another. These issues include arguments, conflicts, communication errors, and worries over money and so on.

Let’s discuss such common problems that people face in their relationships daily and how such problems can be better handled.


Arguments are unavoidable. It happens in almost all relationships. Our style or approach towards argument decides whether or not the relationship will go the distance. Respectful arguments do not hurt your relationships.

Disagreements occur. We should neither ignore them nor should we turn them into fights. The key to a successful relationship is how we handle those unavoidable conflicts.

The best way to handle any such arguments or disagreements is to take some time out and reflect upon what is it that really makes you unhappy? You need to resolve any disagreement with honesty, respect, and love. Dig deeper and find out core issues that you are not able to express for example; anger or sadness.


Appreciation is the key to any successful relationship. When you appreciate someone, they feel good about what they do for you. Appreciation alone can make a huge difference in any relationship.

When someone feels appreciated and accepted, they start doing the things that you like with new vigor and energy. This, in turn, strengthens the relationship.

On the other hand, the feeling of being unappreciated or neglected brings lots of negativity in the relationship.

If you feel neglected and unappreciated in any relationship, take out some time and discuss the matter with utmost honesty and respect. Communication skills play a key role here. Communicate your concerns as fairly as possible and try to understand others’ perspectives as well.

Appreciation is the fundamental attribute to build a healthy relationship. And, it is never too late to appreciate each other.


We cannot emphasize enough how important communication skills are, and what role they play in building any relationship. If you can communicate effectively, you can resolve any conflict or problem that may arise in any of your relationships.

Different people have different styles of communication. You can better handle any conversation if you have effective communication skills. If you don’t have enough of such skills, you can always learn them by working with trained professionals.

You must be able to understand and identify what goes wrong so that you can make changes accordingly. Before start discussing anything important, ask yourself a couple of questions. Consider what you exactly want to say first. Ask yourself when did you last try to really listen to your partner?

Assertiveness can play a big role here. Try to use assertive language and discuss your concerns without blaming the other person.


Life is unpredictable and sometimes we may face some ordeals and go through certain life events that leave a huge impact on our relationships. Traumas – both single incident and complex trauma impact our relationships with our spouses, family, friends, co-workers and even the relationship with our own self.

Traumas can create negative patterns in our relationships. If left unresolved, such traumas can also produce challenges in our communication, trust, and career. If you are going through any such extreme life event that threatens your physical and emotional survival, then take help!

Clamming up and battling on alone will not work. Let your family know how you are feeling and get their support. You can also seek professional help.

Trust Issues

Trust is an important attribute for any healthy relationship. Do you have some trust issues? Or the person you are in a relationship with have trust issues? Think about it what are those things that cause you not to trust the other person?

We all have some level of uncertainty about how much we should trust someone and whom to trust. This choice helps keep us safe and alive. On the other hand, some people have genuine trust issues that are generated from their life experiences and interactions.

You are not alone if you have some trust issues. You can seek professional help to improve your relationships and overall sense of well-being.

Relationship Coaching

MUMKIN offers relationship coaching services to those who are struggling with their relationships whether personal or professional. We can help you learn better relationships. We offer one-on-one relationship coaching sessions. You can book a FREE session by filling out our self-discovery form.

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