Sharing the Vision: a Futuristic Way to Raise Children

Every parent wishes that their child be successful in his life, from studies to career, from personal life to professional life. But does success only mean good grades or a high pay scale? Or does success has some deeper meaning which can be utilized in bringing up positively thinking constructive children who grow up to be pillars of the society?

To be truly successful, one needs to have a vision about themselves and their lives. Once a person identifies with what they truly want to be doing, whose life they want to change and which people they want to create an impact on, they can come up with actions and strategies to achieve their dream.

It is this vision that helps build character and integrity. I believe success encompasses more than good marks and a good salary. It encapsulates fulfilling one’s vision by formulating strategies and taking necessary actions.

And this is where the role of schools and parents comes in. Children are like blank paper, they absorb everything from their surroundings. If parents and schools start to work together to help the children develop a long term vision, the chances of upbringing a successful generation will be very high.

On the other hand, if parents and schools are not on the same page about the children’s future impact on society, the chances of leaving behind a successful member of society will be pretty slim. The child will be a functioning member of society, but he would not be contributing much to the benefit of the people around him.

When parents and schools are aligned, they can work together to bring out the winner in the child. Not just in the traditional sense, but in a larger than life way, as a contributing member of the society, as someone who brings a difference. For parents and teachers to leave behind a generation that is courteous, helping and above mere worldly gains, they need to be in equilibrium about the greater vision for the children.

They need to sit down together to chalk out an image of the kind of adults they would like to see in the future. Teachers and schools can then make schooling plans accordingly, while parents can focus on after-school activities that will help the child achieve the vision.

Both school and parents need to internalize the vision not only in children but in themselves too so that their actions become reminiscent of the vision. Their strategies become much more than yelling at children to study more and their goals are all about helping their child become a constructive future adult.

MUMKIN offers parenting coaching services to help parents and schools to work together in order to create a long-term vision for the future of their children. We also offer one-on-one sessions to parents. You can book a free session by filling out our self-discovery form.

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