Am I a good team member that others would love to be around?

It is true that the team’s effectiveness is largely dependent upon the person leading the team, the individual team member’s behavior is also significantly important; it cannot be ignored. As someone said TEAM = Together Everyone Achieves More, the real performance of the team shows up when each member of the team is communicating, cooperating and collaborating well with others. The following few questions could be very helpful for a sincere self-check.

1.       What steps I have taken to enhance the performance of my team?

2.       Have I ever taken any inputs from my colleagues as to how I can improve myself as a team member?

3.       Do I create any discomfort for others?

4.       What did I do by myself to increase my engagement in the project?

Always remember the secret “Personal success is built over collaborative success”. The main theme of this article is based on Marshall Goldsmith’s workshop “Team Building Without Time Wasting”. Watch him here:

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