How can a coach help you?

A coach can help you by giving you an account of an outsider’s viewpoint. He can be someone who looks at the situation from an impartial perspective without getting influenced by emotions or any other factors. Progressive people think of coach as their external eyes and ears, which enables them see beyond their biases and fixedness.

As human beings, we are creatures of habits. We look for answers and solutions in the past experiences and learning, limiting ourselves to look beyond our perceived limitations for new insights. A coach can be the trigger to help you unleash creativity and new insights by shifting your viewpoint in terms of time, place, value, information or perceptual position through powerful questions.

It’s an intrinsic characteristic of human being that they want to be more credible in the eyes of others as compared to themselves. It is comparatively, more likely that we keep our commitments with others. So, having a coach, boosts your sense of responsibility and accountability, which helps in ensuring that you stick to the plan that you have committed to yourself. 

A coach plays a role of friendly warning that periodically reminds of your purpose and things that are important to you. We live in a world where the least busy person is feeling overwhelmed due to continuously flow of information and ever-changing external environment. Having a coach will empower you to calibrate your focus to most important things in your life.

A coach can be a source of inspiration that makes you see beyond your self-limiting beliefs, an invitational person that allows you to explore new ideas and a leader that drives your energy towards self-awareness

Who needs a coach?

The most precise and complete answer to this question is “Everyone”. According to top executives like Bill Gates and Eric Schmidt (CEO Google), anyone who wants to make progress in his personal life or professional career need to hire a coach right away.

“Everyone needs a coach,” says Eric Schmidt, CEO Google

One of the misconceptions about coaching is that it is for the people who are lagging behind or want to fix something in their lives. When, in fact coaching is a catalyst for development and performance enhancement for everyone, especially those who want to grow and have more meaningful life.

One must select a coach based on one’s need and preference. Coaches can be classified as life coaches, executive coaches or business coaches based on their expertise in the areas of self-development, professional development or business development respectively. They can also be classified based on their preferred niche like career coaches, relationship coaches, spiritual coaches etc. 

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