In pursuit of real happiness

Life is a very interesting phenomenon. This phenomenon is further beautified by the ups and downs that we face throughout our lives. Human beings have a natural tendency to remember the things that bother them, for longer periods of time than the things that do not bother. This imbalance, if not managed properly, ends up becoming a major cause of depression or anxiety.

When in such a state of mind, we start looking for escape, which we often find in activities like listening to music, use of social media, socializing in parties, wasting time with friends etc., because we find temporary relief in them, without working on the root cause. As a result, most of the times the depression and anxiety re-occur, with a greater intensity and for longer duration than before.

In such situations, the bigger challenge, than the traumatic event itself, is overcoming the limiting and disturbing beliefs that develop as a result of our perception of the event. Such beliefs haunt us by distorting our interpretation of the other events negatively. At times they deceive us through the illusions of pain and suffering and deteriorate our mind’s ability to differentiate between reality and illusion.

Such beliefs and experiential learning, if remained unchallenged, injure our self-esteem and shatter our motivation to make any progress in life. They make us believe that there is no dawn after this night. We become hopeless and stop making any effort for getting out of this situation.

With a conscious effort, we can empower our mind to differentiate between reality and illusion. This enables us to challenge our limiting beliefs and saves us from injuring our self-esteem, which bring us to the start of a new dawn, at the permanent end of the last dark night. This is our journey towards real happiness.

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