Life coach: A life positioning system

We live in a technologically advanced world, where we are constantly bombarded with information. A research at University of San Diego, California revealed that people are deluged with more than 100,000 words a day, equivalent to 34 Gigabytes of information — enough to overload the typical laptop within a week.

Despite having access to overwhelming amounts of information and latest technology, we often feel lost and directionless. We are not able to figure out our own selves, our goals in life and how to achieve them; which gives us major stress and anxiety. As this helplessness grows, we move away from the purpose of our life, losing self-awareness, self-consciousness and, subsequently, self-esteem. It is like being lost in a large metropolitan area, without having any idea of where to go.

 Imagine getting hold of a GPS (Global Positioning System) Navigation system when we are lost in a city. The first question it will ask is “where do you want to go”. The question shifts our focus to the destination instead of the current location. We now trust the GPS system to guide us to the right direction, all the while allowing us to choose one path from multiple options.

 Just as a GPS navigation system guides us to our destination in the city, a Life-Coach is like a navigation system, a life-positioning system helping us figure out a way back ‘home’, to the real purpose of our lives. A Life-Coach, like a GPS system, opens our eyes towards multiple options, leaves it to us to opt for the one that best suits us. While we move forward on our chosen path, a coach ensures we keep on track by warning us if we tend to deviate from the road leading to our goals.

 A coach talks to us, and facilitates us in discovering ourselves, where we stand right now, and our goals in life, whether they are about achieving self-fulfillment or about major life changing decisions like switching a job, marriage, divorce etc. Whenever there is a gap between “where we are right now” and “where we want to be”, a coach helps us bridge that gap with objectivity, unbiased guidance and constant support.

 A Life-Positioning System… from where we are (current location) to where we want to be(destination)

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