Transform Negative Into Positive

In every family, society, organization or a nation, people exist who believe looking only at the darker side of the picture is their ultimate responsibility. It is not only that, making other people aware of their viewpoint is also something they consider their purpose of existence. Interestingly, most of such people are good at speaking because they speak a lot. And they do it sincerely.

The purpose of this article is to help you identify such people, beware of them and avoid their company, as much as possible. They have the power to transform you into a negative person.

Next time you found someone talking negative about any person, country, group, organization or a circle of friends etc., ask following questions: 

1. What did YOU do to modify this behavior/complaint?

2. What can we do, together, to end this behavior/complaint? Let us talk about some solid action items.

I have tried this method many times and it worked very well. This does not only help you stay away from negativity, it also helps you transform that into positive action items.

Majority of people just criticise. Only a few act. Where do you see yourself? Have a wonderful positive time!

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