What are you going to tell Sarah?

It is April 2063. Exactly 45 years from now. You are 95 years old, dining, chatting with and enjoying the company of your loved ones in a wonderful family reunion. You have your children with you. Your eldest son, almost 70, and his family are also there. The environment is so friendly and light. Everyone around is so pleased. Everything is so great until Sarah, one of your great-granddaughters, happens to ask you, “Grandpa, what has been the biggest accomplishment of your life?”

This pushes you in a deep circle of thoughts… After a few moments of silence, you reply “I have been the CEO of a big company and had a very successful career”. Upon this, Sarah asks again “There have been a lot of CEOs like that… What was so special about you, grandpa? What meaning did you create in life?” You are now speechless…

Now come back to the present. It is a sunny and bright morning of April 2018. You are 50 and enjoying your time in a cozy cafe in your neighborhood and thinking about your life. You still have some time to prepare a response to be given in 2063. What are you going to tell Sarah?

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